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Ma’had Al Hikmah Students Initiate River Cleanup Post-Flood

Lumajang, April 27, 2024 – In an inspiring community service initiative, students from the English Club at Ma’had Al Hikmah, MTsN 1 Lumajang, under the guidance of Ms. Taylor, a Peace Corps volunteer, came together last Saturday to clean up the river behind their school. This effort was prompted by the accumulation of debris and waste in the river following a flood last week.

The event saw enthusiastic participation from the santri (students) who dedicated their afternoon to removing plastic bottles, wrappers, and other pollutants from the waterway. Ms. Taylor, who has been working with the students since her assignment at Ma’had Al Hikmah, emphasized the importance of environmental consciousness and community involvement in her teachings.

“Seeing the students take initiative to care for their environment is truly heart warming. It’s not just about cleaning up; it’s about building a sense of responsibility and teamwork among these young individuals,” Mrs. Taylor remarked during the cleanup.

The cleanup not only restored the river’s condition but also served as a practical extension of the students’ learning experience, reinforcing lessons about sustainability and ecological preservation. The local community and school officials praised the students for their proactive approach and expressed hope that such activities would inspire others to take similar actions in their environments.

The English Club at Ma’had Al Hikmah plans to continue their environmental efforts by organizing monthly cleanups and starting an awareness campaign about the effects of littering, aiming to foster a cleaner, greener community.[abu angel]